The Margaret Murphy Centers For Children

By Michelle Hathaway September 29, 2023

The Margaret Murphy Centers for Children (MMCC) provides intensive educational and therapeutic clinical services to children with developmental delays, developmental disabilities (such as Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability) and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (such as Anxiety and ADHD. Our "best-practices approach" incorporates current research and technology, paired with a strong commitment to an individualized, child-focused and strengths-based philosophy of intervention. Every child who attends MMCC is unique, and their experiences with us are designed to reflect their vast and varied needs.

While serving students from birth to 22 years of age, we recognize the span of developmental need. We are committed to supporting our students through our Early Intervention Programs, our Elementary School Programs and within our Middle and Secondary Programs. Each level of programming requires different areas of expertise and approach, from our play-based learning experiences with our youngest students, to our transition services and career exploration opportunities found within our High School programs. Each Center offers robust experiences for children as they transition through their stages of development.

The extraordinary staff within the Margaret Murphy Centers for Children are dedicated to providing the highest quality of educational and clinical services within a positive, caring and compassionate environment. Our Inter-Disciplinary teams commit to focused efforts that provide a comprehensive service delivery model, creating well-planned, intentional and focused treatment plans for students. With our partnered families, we create continual opportunities for growth, independence and success!

At this time, MMCC operates seven Special Purpose Private Schools in Lewiston, Auburn, Randolph and Saco. Our childcare facility, caring for our employee’s children, operates on Minot Avenue in Auburn. In the Fall of 2023, we opened a public collaborative, supporting three classrooms in the MSAD 52 School System. We eagerly anticipate our newest location, opening in Brunswick in the Spring of 2024. At this time, MMCC has become the largest Special Purpose Private School Program in the State, while employing the largest number of Behavioral Health Professionals and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Our strength is found in our size, in the collective expertise shared across clinical specialty, experience and shared passion.

The celebrations, the joy and the drive for excellence throughout our schools is palpable, and felt throughout our hallways, classrooms, playgrounds, extending into our vocational training sites, Special Olympics venues and community field trip locations. Our future is bright, and we look forward to changing the lives of the children who need us the most throughout the State!